Sage Orville Shea

United States

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About Sage Orville Shea

Sage Orville Shea (they/them) is the face of aged anxiety, a gender chimera, and a trans photographer and marketer based out of Western MA. Their design work rests on the intersection of best practices and box-breaking. 

They focus on tender human connection, with their career rooted in photographing diverse populations, artists, and crafters. Their work is crisp with growing nods to the wide, full-narrative styles of street photography.

Sage values candor over inauthentic performance with a focus on bold representation. In branding, they know how to make the new feel familiar with just enough rough edge moments to be memorable. 

Entering the field in 2015, Sage works full time as a web strategist and with a healthy serving of freelance on the side as they pursue their MA. Sage hopes to open a community space for marginalized freelancers and small business owners geared at skill swapping and anti-oppression work.