Our 2023 Call for Art is inspired by an award-winning Mexican-American author, Reyna Grande’s memoir A Dream Called Home. Reyna’s memoir is about the courage to fulfill the deep desire to have a stable home, a dream she realized by daring to pursue it. By deriving inspiration from Reyna’s memoir, the artists in this called got the opportunity and platform to share their stories that reflect and/or connect with the life/home that communities of color continue to pursue in this country. Six of the selected artists below are a part of our Creative Point Neighbor program, which provided Salem residents the opportunity to create their own murals with a mentor artist.

Yixuan Zeng

you are not less, you are more

Amanda Beard Garcia


Ramón Santiago

Trabajando Por Un Sueño Mejor

Kedrin Alexander Frias

Teenage Migrant Ninja Tortugas

Alexa Wilson

Seek peace and pursue it

Jean Cardona

Raíz enmascarada


Parque Infantil

Rachel Domond

Nou La

Jacob Ginga


Meet Creative Point Neighbor and Lead Artist Yuko Okabe

Yuko Okabe (she/they) is an artist playing at the intersection of youthful whimsy and community engagement. As an illustrator, their depiction of people and architecture establishes a world with boundless potential for different bodies, languages, and philosophies to flourish. They believe that art and design elevates systems to more inclusive and caring possibilities. Okabe holds a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Their illustration practice received recognition from the Society of Illustrators NYC, Society of Illustrators LA, Creative Quarterly, and 3×3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. Through grants and fellowships, Okabe’s community arts practice received support from the New England Foundation for the Arts, Tufts University Collective Futures Fund, Rhode Island School of Design’s Maharam STEAM Fellowship, and the Enterprise Community Partners’ Rose Fellowship.


See their portfolio HERE!

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