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The Punto Urban Art Museum provides educational tours and workshops to corporate, civic and school groups to foster cultural awareness, artistic inspiration and civic engagement. All tours are on hold.

Through our Mural Ambassador Program, we are currently training a docent tour guides from the Community in English and Spanish to provide tours. Stay tuned for more information to schedule your future tour.

Please contact or use the form below for more information. We only provide tours for groups larger than 15 people. We are not providing tours at the moment, following state guidelines on physical + social distancing to ensure the health and safety of our staff, visitors, and the community we serve. If you would like a printable map please click here.


From Le Pointe to El Punto: The Immigrant Experience in the Point National Historic District

Take a walk through history from the beginnings of Le Pointe through the stories of the French Canadian workers in the mills, through surviving the Great Salem Fire and the rebuilding of the neighborhood, to western Europeans immigrants settling in the Point, to becoming recognized as a National Historic District to a predominantly Latino influenced barrio known as El Punto.

Explore connections to the culture through the murals, landmarks and architecture while learning interesting historical facts about what has been the traditional home for numerous immigrant groups to Salem.

This tour lasts for approximately 1.5 hours.

Lafayette St.’s Klondike Club, Las Antillas Club, South River, Peabody St, Shetland Park, Congress Street, Ruben UbieraTrek6Don RimxChor BoogieEl CekisJeff HenriquezSilvia Lopez-Chavez, Local artists wall.

Street Art: The Intersection of Art and Community Development

Learn about the origins of street art and how it has evolved and reshaped urban neighborhoods in America. Take a closer look to the Punto Urban Art Museum project, its mission and connection to affordable housing in the Point neighborhood.

This tour will focus on reactions and interpretation of this mission from the featured artists, residents, business owners and others involved in the project. The concept of placemaking through public art will also be explored.

The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Artists: 2alasAdeleSiprosChor BoogieBikismoGoldenRubenBelinOkudaSilviaKraveCP WonTrek6

¡Al Punto!: Sensory Rich Walking Tour

This tour consists of a sensory-rich walking tour of El Punto, allowing visitors to take in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood.

Stops include murals, community parks, local businesses, landmarks and other local cultural highlights. It will focus on understanding the relationship between culture and neighborhoods by exploring the relationship between PUAM and the Point.

The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Locations: Lafayette Street/Klondike Club and Las Antillas Club, South River, Peabody Street Park, Shetland Park, Bodega, VOCES, Celia’s Restaurant, Pocket Park, Espacio, Palmer Cove Park waterfront

Original murals on Congress and Ward StreetsSiprosDon RimxChor BoogieJeff HenriquezRuben UbieraSilvia Lopez-ChavezEl Cekis, The Community towers.

PUAM Highlights Tour: Standard Mural Walk

Through a guided walk, learn about the vision of the PUAM. The tour will introduce visitors to street art through the works of current artists.

Docents will show approximately 10-12 murals from the PUAM collection, while offering short commentary about the artists, the medium and some of the meaning behind the art pieces.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

Artists: 2alasAdeleSiprosChorbogieBikismoGoldenRubenBelinOkudaSilviaKraveCP WonTrek6

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Educational Tours

We offer a variety of guided themed tours for individuals, groups, and schools.