Date: June 19, 2020

While we are more than our productivity and commercial value, our finances are intrinsically linked to our most basic survival. 

Marginalized communities are uniquely vulnerable to exploitation. This pandemic leaves many weighing their financial stability against their health and that of others. Marginalized communities don’t have the same social capital to access their rights. While society’s most privileged have the ability to seek new terms of employment, those who rely on work for VISA sponsorship, healthcare, and more have less leverage at the table. 

I wanted to find different organizations specialized in the rights of working minorities to help navigate their often preemptive returns (or continuations) at work while highlighting the social webs impacted by the outward ripples of workplace conditions. I play on imagery of the divine through the pairing of bronzed cupped hands outward reached as if for Communion that instead are poised to receive hand sanitizer.