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Joshua Beckett (@hoodtendacies) is an illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up he would bully adults in Tekken at the arcade, and watch cartoons with his dad. Falling in love with the amazing and energetic visuals from action oriented comics and visual media, Joshua set off on his own journey to master these skills and techniques. His quest began with rigorous self study, learning to draw and ink on his own before testing his might in the arena. His next goal was to acquire scrolls of power, and so in 2015 he earned his first degree, an A.A. in paralegal studies from the Baltimore City Community College. While earning his degree Joshua also began studying the ancient art of tattoo design and application. Now armed with a strong sense of drama, attention to detail, quality of line, storytelling and diverse legal understandings, Joshua moved on to earn his BFA in Illustration from the Montserrat College of Art, where he graduated in 2017.

Joshua embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, using his experiences and challenges as a foundation for a lifelong body of work. Through his art, he fearlessly channels honest and fresh perspectives on the lives of Black men, striving to inspire future generations to embrace art on their own terms, just as he was inspired in his youth. With a captivating blend of overt and subtle references, his creations reflect the early childhood influences that shaped him, incorporating dramatic flair, powerful poses, and evocative character designs. Openly delving into his upbringing in the “hood,” Joshua seamlessly weaves elements of violence, sexuality, and drug culture, giving form to the chaotic and tumultuous experiences shared by many from his background. Vibrant, authentic, and expressive, his artwork transcends the ordinary, offering a vivid glimpse into a world brimming with color and emotion.

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