Street Fighters


Date: September 21, 2021

For me, as a black man, the “American Dream” has always felt like some thing that men and women who look like me had to FIGHT tooth and nail to be considered worthy for. It was always something my grandparents talked about when reminding me of the brave men and women who FOUGHT for our rights to live and work as respected people. So when I think of the ” American Dream” I think of the civil rights movement and how their actions have allowed me to pursue my own dreams as an American. It’s my duty to live a life proud and fully, to honor the lives and bravery of my people who marched and bleed in the STREETS for me. To honor this ideal, my proposal is a representation of 2 of the most iconic fighters and leaders in the fight for the American dream as a black man, MLK and Malcolm X, styled and modeled after 2 of the most iconic fighters in gaming, Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter. I think this will be a fun and exciting to bridge the past and present and remind people that Dreams are worth fighting for.