Farah Jeune

United States

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About Farah Jeune

Ms. Jeune’s artwork depicts the youthful glow, experiences and dreams of her Black & Brown peers. Growing up in an urban environment, Jeune experienced and was exposed to people living in poverty and impacted by various forms of violence. Despite the social and economical circumstances she saw, her peers’ resilience is what motivated her to want to shine a light on their greatness. Her artwork centers around putting their unique stories in the spotlight through colorful 2D mediums. She also creates artwork to bring awareness to taboo issues impacting communities of color such as HIV and mental health. She hopes that her artwork ignites joy, celebrates the various cultures and experiences throughout the African diaspora and empowers people to live in their greatness. Ms. Jeune also is the creator, host and producer of a monthly television variety show entitled ‘ºFarenheight TV.’ Learn more at www.FarenheightTV.com.