Date: June 19, 2020


During this pandemic, I’ve worried about those who live with pre existing medical conditions, especially the elderly who are also parents/guardians of young people. I’ve thought about how difficult it must be for a young caretaker, who is not physically in school, to have anxiety about their elders being an extra risk for COVID-19. I’ve also thought about how it must feel from the elders perspective, to have mixed emotions themselves but still wanting to be a protector and provider for their kids. I illustrated this piece to show the special bond between elders and their grandkids, those they have taken care of and the same kids who will do the same for them. Our abuela’s, nana’s, papa’s, our elders, have lived through so many unknowns and their survival is revolutionary. Intergenerational family relationships are needed. Let’s continue to protect our elders and support our caretakers always, all ways.