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About Sheila Farren Billings

Sheila Farren Billings is an award-winning local artist and the author/illustrator of 5 published children’s books. She enjoyed a 24 year teaching career spanning Kindergarten through graduate school. Some of her favorite years were at Witchcraft Heights School, Salem. Sheila enjoys collaborating with art lovers, creating pieces for them that bring their hearts happiness.

Sheila’s childhood home was awash in art. Her father’s easel was a fixture in the kitchen and her mother’s singing filled the house. They taught her that art should be a source of joy.

Sheila believes that art is something uniquely human which enhances life and helps people express their feelings. Her art enables her to freeze time through the lens of her  soul. In Sheila’s studio, high atop Gallows Hill in Salem, she happily makes her own kind of magic. Please visit to learn more.