Ramón Santiago

Dominican Republic

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About Ramón Santiago

Ramón Santiago was born in the city of Moca, Espaillat province in the Dominican Republic. From an early age, he felt attracted to painting and sculpturing. Later in life, Ramón became one of the most distinguished artists in his home country, his works can be found in many homes and offices throughout this home country and internationally; Ramón has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions which have brought him fame and recognition for his artistic talent. Currently, Ramón Santiago lives in North America in Boston Massachusetts, where he has his art studio and art gallery that is named after him “Atelier Ramón Santiago” from which he sends his art to all corners of New England, the United States, and the world. Ramón is a versatile artist who feels a great attraction for nature, manifested in the colors of the works he captures on his canvases.