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Dominican Republic

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Losing someone we love can be hard and I know that many of us wish for our loved ones to be eternal. My mural represents Eternity as I know that the people we love will forever live in our hearts. This is Raiden Ei from a video game called Genshin Impact. She lost her twin sister and she isolates herself in a world created by her consciousness. Inside this world, she meditates about the people she has loved and lost. This world would change depending on her state of mind. When she is sad or angry, the world will be dark and when she is experiencing happiness, it lights up. I  lost my aunt (Bienvenida) and it has been the greatest loss I’ve experienced as of now.  It has been hard for me to accept the fact that she is gone and I wish that I had the power to make the people that remain with me eternal so that I wouldn’t have to experience the pain of losing someone all over again. 


“I’ve lost a lot and in the end, I even lost her” – Raiden El