ERA's Work

About ERA

‘ERA’ is a Puerto-Rican multi-media artist born in 1997, representing Lowell, Massachusetts. Taking creative influence from his environment, ‘ERA’ blends urban art and letters with vivid colors to create vibrant pieces.

‘ERA’ began painting murals when he was 14, creating local art for the city of Lowell as part of a creative youth program. After graduating art school with a degree in Graphic Design, ‘ERA’ continued painting murals with any time he wasn’t designing. Now a father, ‘ERA’ continues to make time for his creativity while ensuring he takes care of his daughter, who he hopes will grow to become his ‘sidekick’.

‘ERA’ is obsessed with the challenge art provides, focusing less on creating a singular recognizable style and focusing more on creating new pieces that push him as an artist. The challenge itself can vary, from realism, to color blending, or scale/number of walls –
‘ERA’ takes each challenge head on.

Follow ‘ERA’ on IG @Era.sgx