Vision of Abundance


Date: September 23, 2021


To me, my interpretation of the “American Dream” is a dream of specific abundance. I say specific in such a way to describe this abundance as an individual, personal endeavor of both equity AND equality. Giving a million paintbrushes to a poet means nothing, when they what they really needed was a notebook and a quiet space; a closeted queer person needs acceptance and love before they need a million dollars. We have our own individual needs for what makes our individual lives “abundant”, and what makes up our own “dream”. For me personally, I have learned that in my journey as an artist, the road is not complete unless I take the time to ensure that my health is abundant both physically and mentally. Abundance is for everyone, and there is so much growth in abundance. I have chosen to use the imagery of fruits and vegetables growing at the base of hands gently holding a new bug to highlight this journey, as well as to show how the journey of health has led me to the start of the path of my “American Dream”.