Together as One


Date: September 21, 2021


This is an extremely loaded question and my feelings towards the “American dream” are constantly in flux but I think that’s actually the inspiration for my mural design. In many Native American cultures we learn the four directions and their infinite meanings within the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is an important icon that symbolizes the four directions, the four seasons, the four stages of life, the four sacred plants, and much more. The symbol gives strength and healing to it’s owner and it can be jewelry, painting, clothing or other objects. The attached design is an example medicine wheel I created in the past. For this project I will create a new medicine wheel and each direction/color will embody journey to making the American dream a reality, which is healing. The country, our hearts, our mind, our land all need healing. The American Dream is “equality” and “opportunity” for “everyone” to achieve their independent goals and aspirations but what we need to do is heal and grow TOGETHER AS ONE with each other the land and the nature around us.