Teenage Migrant Ninja Tortugas


Date: July 29, 2023

My mural will portray the appearance of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure package, but the Banner to say “Teenage Migrant Ninja Tortugas”. This image includes word bubbles explaining the features which will include:

1) Turtle shell, for protection, and security in knowing that you are always home as a turtle in its shell.

2) Mask to protect their identity as well as their heart from the judgement of “white-Nationalists”.

3) Art supplies as weapons – so that he can express himself in creative ways, and benefit others with their words, and art.

4) multiple points of articulation for flexibility during difficult moments.

5) Air Jordan sneakers and a Red-sox hat, and baseball bat to fit in with others at school.

6) Plantains and salami for authentic breakfast. In the end, it will look like an action figure box art, but when you look closer, you will see that this mural is a metaphor for how we seen as disposable products by people in privilege or power. It will represent how we as immigrants or children of immigrants are valuable beyond measure, but not because of what they can produce for the American economy. But instead for who they are as unique people, who have learned to operate in constant motion, adapting to their surroundings.

This mural will be inspired by, and interpreting these two quotes: “It was then that I understood what I needed to do. If I could become a turtle and build a home that I could carry on my back, I would never feel homeless again.”

“Being split in half had forced me to create two versions of myself…As with the moon, there is the face that we immigrants show to the world, but our second face is the one we keep hidden in darkness so that no one can see us weeping.“