Sí Se Puede


Date: October 29, 2022

In October 2021, @annadidathing and @yennycreate collaborated on this beautiful and vibrant mural across four storefronts located at 113 to 125 Lafayette Street in Salem.

“Both Yenny and I overlap in the ways we use vibrant colors and when we collabed on this we incorporated a lot of fun abstract shapes/imagery of things like flowers and leaves and general blobs of color. But there are little shapes throughout that pay homage to the businesses below,” said Anna. “Like a banana/lime for the bodega, a needle and thimble for the prom shop, a candle for the botanica, a comb for the barber, etc. The mural as a whole is a way to brighten up the building and celebrate the businesses and community that live there.”

The next time you visit their mural, don’t forget to stop in and support the businesses below. Thank you to MassDevelopment’s Commonwealth Places Initiative + Mass Cultural Council for making this project possible.