Date: June 19, 2020


This piece is an ode to black and brown women all over our country and our world. The figure depicted is called a “Muñeca sin rostro”, a faceless doll. The faceless doll is an iconic piece of folk art native to the Dominican Republic. This woman represents the diversity of Dominican women. In this piece “Raised Fists, Clean Hands!” we see three black women, essential  workers, standing united. They are surrounded by sunflowers, the sunflowers below represent the souls lost to police brutality, and the sunflowers behind represent the lives of the next generation of black and brown youth rising up in our nation. There are also three monarch butterflies which are a homage to the Mirabal sisters of Dominican Republic, who were elemental to the overthrowing of the fascist regime of Rafael Trujillo whose reign of terror lasted 30 years. This piece is a celebration, the essence of a song of victory.