Date: June 19, 2020


My design is a reminder that when times get hard, we take care of each other. I wanted to emphasize community and the loving/nurturing relationships we must maintain with one another to make it through hardship. The illustration in the background is of an outdoor market, a familiar and happy site that represents fruitful times, growth, and warmth. This is a space that for me is familiar and nostalgic of visiting family in the Philippines, and I know it is a sight that feels like home for many other immigrant community members who grew up buying fruit from their local vendors. It is a space that represents community. I include at the bottom of the design a phone number & website to Project Bread Foodsource Hotline for anyone in need of food resources. This pandemic has hit communities very hard and while we cannot go to our local outdoor market in the ways that we are used to, we can still find the warmth & support of our community until we see fruitful times again.