Date: October 13, 2020

Legacy is an art piece designed by Monica Gonzalez and Ruben Ceron that aims to pay tribute to Nina Simone, and represent her as the symbol of freedom, resiliency, and empowerment; but also to pay tribute to the thousands of protesters that took the streets in multiple cities and are still standing for their rights and fighting racial discrimination. Several generations later but still same issues. Legacy is composed by three layers. The farthest layer, is a 3-tone stencil form a photo taken in May 2020 by the artists during the New York City Black Lives Matter protests. The stencil displays the magnitude and the diversity of the masses that, in the middle of a pandemic, protested for more than 50 days. The middle layer, between the figures in layer three, is the word freedom, but it could be removed depending on agreement between artists or curators. You are also part of the project. Finally, in the closest layer, the figure of Nina Simone fixing her daughter’s posture represent a free woman transferring her legacy. We believe that this piece can be an element of representation for many of the residents of the Point Neighborhood and representation matters.