Last Night Precipice


Date: July 29, 2023

When I was 6 my mom and I left my dad and extended family in Moscow to move to America together. I did not at the time realize the extent to which my life would never be the same. My parents would divorce and it would be 2 years until I would see my mom’s mom and 7 years until I would see my dad’s, who by that point would already be showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s. My sketch is inspired by a photo standing on my dresser near my bed – I’ve always felt it to be a powerful depiction of the women in my family, and our bond to one another. My mom recently mentioned that the photo was taken the night before our flight to America, and .. something clicked. I saw the confusion in my own eyes and the turbulence in the eyes of my grandmas. Something giant was happening – starting from tomorrow, my world would span two continents, and I would forever have two homes. Looking back, I can’t imagine who I would now be if it had happened any other way, but it was not an easy path.