Hope Is The Thing With Feathers



My interpretation of the American Dream is that through hard work and determination anyone can reach their highest goals for a better life. I also believe that the “American Dream” is something that is available to any individual from any walk of life regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender. The American Dream is fueled by hope, love, and peace. The journey to making “The American Dream” a reality is hard work and determination. If you keep trying to improve and work hard to reach your goals, there is no way that you won’t succeed. We as individuals need to find that fire and drive within us to keep pursuing our goals because no one else is going to do the work for you. I believe we are all responsible for keeping the “American Dream” alive. Those who want to achieve their version of it are responsible for chasing after it and taking the steps to reach it. Also, we as a nation are responsible for ensuring that everyone has the means and opportunity for achieving it and that no one person is marginalized or hindered in their path to achieving their American dream. Someone else’s successes do not cancel out your current or future successes and I think that’s something that we all have to remember, we can all succeed together.