Date: July 15, 2023


What came to mind when I thought of “a dream call home”; was that I have many “homes”, communities that I’m apart of. I’m hispanic, transgender, an artist, suffer from anxiety/mental health like many others do, I’m a high school dropout, I have a place in the YouthBuild community as well. Hypothetically, I Should fit in to all these “homes” right? Sometimes I do; other times my identities clash, and I feel homeless. It took me some time to figure out how to interpret the theme. 7 branches, 3 anemones, and 2 dahlia flowers surround the border. Different pathways in life with the intention of protection and change. With every passing day I pick up new places to call home and move out from others. It’s a bit cliché but “home” is where my heart is. Where I push my effort and passion into, along with the people I chose to let in. Hiraeth, means “deep longing for something, especially one’s home.” Homesickness, this is what came to mind.