Date: July 29, 2023


My design for this mural is my own interpretation of becoming a homeowner. Although I am not currently a homeowner when I picture creating a new home I envision growth and rebirth much like the outdoors. For my family traditions and food have helped us remember who we are and the people we came from. Even though my family has adapted to American customs we have never forgotten our Mexican roots. When we celebrated American holidays together you could always be certain that there was a spicy bowl of homemade hot sauce being passed around the table. The traditions helped my family feel connected to those who could not be around, and for me in particular made me feel like I belonged somewhere. Growing up with two different cultures can sometimes feel like you don’t belong to either culture. Traditions however, especially in one’s own family, can definitely make you feel connected in that moment, at the place with those people. I related to Reyna Grande‘s quote saying “You are now bilingual, bicultural, binational. You are not less, you are more, twice the girl you used to be” because it is true. Many people of two cultures may feel less than because they are made up of two halves, but I believe this just makes us more. We know two languages, know two cuisines and many different customs. Bicultural people have more to share and are able to bridge two worlds beautifully, I believe that is a strength and not something that should make anyone feel less than or incomplete. It may take time but you will find you are right where you belong.