Blooming Together


Date: October 20, 2020


The proposed mural design showcases the portraits of 3 racially diverse women. The white woman is shown at the base level of the mural, her brown sister (with lose head covering) directly above, and her Black sister (with braids) is being pushed up to the highest level, towards the sun (a nod to the Nina Simone song where she sings how if she were a bird, she’d soar to the sun…and know how it feels to be free). The women’s positioning represents the importance of using one’s privilege to promote and fight for the rights of others. The flowers stemming from each of these women form a united bouquet that would not exist without them banding and “blooming” together, for the greater benefit of all. This imagery represents how women are strongest when we pull together, celebrate one another’s successes, and fight for each other’s rights. More broadly, it represents how all people are needed to come together to fight for equality and freedom of our Black brothers and sisters—to finally realize Simone’s wish to know how it feels to be truly free.