All are created Equal


Date: September 23, 2021

To me, the fulfillment of the American Dream is the personal and community act of treating others as the Creator designed for us to treat each other. I believe that God made us for the purpose of bringing Him glory through the shining of our lives and works. I believe that in my image, I am depicting a man who is correcting the statement saying; “All Men are created equal” by painting over the word “Man”. We live in a world where there is a dominance of White Male Privilege. I think it would be a beautiful thing for white males, who are in positions of privilege, to set that aside and advocate for other who are not as privileged/able. I believe that the statement should read “All are created equal”. I want it to be an example of the artist correcting himself in the intention of this mural. The author correcting his writing. The person who benefits most from the “American Dream” is the one who can fix things to make it possible for others to share in the dream.