400th Anniversary Gloucester


Date: August 7, 2021


We are so excited to celebrate artist Grimdrops for completing this beautiful mural at Harbor Village in Gloucester (Elm Street). This one goes out to the amazing people of Gloucester as a celebration of their upcoming 400th anniversary.

Mike Grimaldi, known as Grimdrops in the art world, lives on the north shore of Boston in historic Salem, Ma. After art school, Grimdrops began designing logos, painting live at events, painting for private collectors, and painting murals on parking lots, tiny houses and even at Lynn City Hall. Grimdrops ultimate goal is to create a mural or live painting in every state and on every continent.

@grimdrops shared

“The rich history of Gloucester, from its fishing industry to its deeply ingrained arts community, had to be front and center for this mural celebrating the historic city’s 400th Anniversary.

Having grown up in East Gloucester, nearly all of my neighbors were at one point either fishermen, or involved in the fishing industry in some capacity. I have an enormous amount of respect for the sacrifices that these people and their families endured. Some of the visuals I knew I’d incorporate were The Paint Factory, The Fisherman’s Memorial, St. Peter, a schooner, a humpback whale, and one of our iconic lighthouses.

I had the pleasure of bringing the Gloucester Sea Serpent to life on the walls of the Cape Ann Museum recently, and wanted to make that a part of my mural as well. The fabled sea serpent was reportedly seen by more people than any serpent in history.”

Photos by @ferns_francois