Pride + Identify


Date: October 1, 2019


Words have a special power to reach and inspire us. That’s why we often use them as a tool to communicate with space users. To develop the intervention, we looked for two particular observation spots in the yard for creating two anamorphic paintings that overlap onto each other, taking over the whole space in a very abstract way. Once you place on the right spots, you can read two words.

In an area stigmatized by the rest of the city, the residents of El Punto are proud of their community. Aware of their shortcomings, but also of their values.

Dominican and Puerto Rican blood runs through the veins of El Punto. It is evident in the music that comes out of the houses, in business and in sidewalk to sidewalk conversations.
That identity accompanies all those neighbors who live in the United States, but their home is in the Caribbean islands.

―Boa Mistura