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    OUR MISSION ISOur mission is to invest in public art to breakdown socio-economic barriers.

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    Open Air Museum

    Located in “El Punto” Neighborhood in Salem, Mass, it features over 75 large scale murals by 30 world renowned and 25 local artists within a 3 block radius. The art aims to create neighborhood pride and increase economic opportunity for local businesses.

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    100% of your donation creates a dynamic opportunity for the Point Neighborhood’s future.

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    Calling All Massachusetts Creatives

    We're selecting 25 Massachusetts-based artists to create works of art that serve as public service announcements to low-income minority and immigrant communities. Inspired by the United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives, PUAM (the public arts program of North Shore Community Development Coalition) calls upon all Massachusetts based creatives to use their artistic powers of communication, empathy, and advocacy to develop Public Service Announcements (PSA) for primarily immigrant, non-English speaking, and low-income communities of color. Each person selected will be award $1,000.

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