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Title: Kids Covid 19 Handbook // Artist: Sadie Barbosa // Date: June, 2020

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The kids Covid -19 Handbook was exclusively designed for kids ages 9-15yrs, to provide information, context, tips, and visuals on the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Inspired by Boston Public School students, my nieces & nephews, as well as kids from A local Non profit ACEDONE (African.Community. Economic. Development. Of New England) in Roxbury, Ma. Kids Covid- 19 handbook highlights are straightforward- bold- colorful- thoughtful- and inclusive like Local Boston Communities – Dorchester, Roxbury,Mattapan, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain. 

 This Handbook is Meaningful to offer as a Resource for Kids of Color or Kids living in underserved communities.

Third-parties are authorized to only use these downloads for educational and/or non-commercial purposes. Organizer shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that all reproductions include the following credit line and copyright notice where practicable: “Kids Covid 19 Handbook” © 2020 by Sadie Barbosa.